Updating Aliases

Prerequisites: System administrators must set the AliasAutoUpdate key to false in local-appsettings.config to use this setting. Otherwise, alias updates will take place automatically upon check in of associated DITA content. See Configuring DITA Alias Auto-Update Setting for details.

With administrative permissions, you can update an aliased DITA map so that its state reflects that of the associated DITA map. For example, suppose a writer changed the <title> value of a DITA map in Assets after the DITA map had been aliased. The update feature would sync the <title> value of the DITA map asset to its aliased counterpart. Keep in mind that any DITA map can have multiple alias instances configured in the Site Tree. The update feature allows you to update particular alias instances or all of them.

In addition to updating changes to <title>, you can update the following on aliased DITA maps when:

  • Any element or attribute has been added or changed.
  • Mark for publish status has changed.
  • Filename has changed.
  • Check in/out status has changed.
Once an aliased map is out of sync with its associated DITA map its Site Tree icon displays with a yellow arrow, which indicates that it can be updated if you choose to do so. In most cases, it is best to keep aliased DITA maps synced with the associated DITA maps.

Administrators can update aliased DITA content in the following CMS areas:

  • From the DITA Properties tab in Assets.
  • From the DITA Map Manager in Administration.

To update an aliased DITA map:
  1. Navigate to Administration > DITA > DITA Map Manager > [Select Map] > Manage Aliases.
  2. To update an alias instance(s) to reflect the state of the associated DITA map, click one of the following buttons:
    • To sync a particular alias instance, click the Update Alias Structure icon under Examine Map.
    • To sync all alias instances listed, click the Update All button in the Aliases toolbar.
  3. You can verify that the update operation has completed by returning to the Site Tree. Once the update action has completed, the alias that needed updating no longer display a yellow arrow inside their icons.