Configuring License Notification Settings

Configuring License Notifications | Control the way Cartella behaves in response to a pending license expiration in Cartella.config.

You can control the way Cartella behaves in response to a pending license expiration in Cartella.config. Most notably, NoticeDaysBeforeLicenseExpires determines how many days of notice is given to the site administrator before the Cartella license expires.

On the specified day, Cartella sends an email notification of the pending expiration. For example, in the code sample below, Cartella will send a notification 60 days before the license expires. Once the notification period has been reached, two other variables determine if a notice is also sent to Ingeniux and, if so, what address is used; however, Ingeniux recommends leaving these settings at the default values created during installation.

To set new licensing notification parameters:
  1. Navigate to [Site_Root].
  2. Open Cartella.config in a text editor.
  3. Within <ServerSettings>, locate the <add> elements with the following @name values:
    • NoticeDaysBeforeLicenseExpires
    • AllowLicenseExpirationNoticeSentToIngeniux
    • IngeniuxLicenseNotificationReceiver
        <!-- license expiration notice (days)-->
        <add name="NoticeDaysBeforeLicenseExpires" value="60" />
        <!-- If true, Ingeniux will be notified when Cartella instance license expired.-->
        <add name="AllowLicenseExpirationNoticeSentToIngeniux" value="true" />
        <!-- Ingeniux email address to receive notification. -->
        <add name="IngeniuxLicenseNotificationReceiver" value="Cartella Licensing&lt;;" />
  4. Optional: To change how many days of notice are given to your site administrator before the Cartella license expires, adjust the @value field of the <add> element, where the @name value is NoticeDaysBeforeLicenseExpires.
  5. Optional: To prevent Ingeniux from receiving expiration notification emails, set AllowLicenseExpirationNoticeSentToIngeniux to false.
    Note: Ingeniux recommends that you do not change the default value (true).
  6. Optional: To change the Ingeniux email address where the expiration notification will be sent, set IngeniuxLicenseNotificationReceiver to an alternate email address.
    Note: The default email address is sufficient unless Ingeniux has provided you with an alternate address.
  7. Save Cartella.config.

Next Steps: Recycle the Cartella site application pool in IIS in order for your changes to take effect, immediately.