Configuring Allowed File Extensions

How to Configure Allowed File Extensions | Add or remove file formats that can be uploaded to Cartella.

You can restrict the types of files that can be uploaded to Cartella through the Gallery, Documents, and Media modules.

To add or remove file formats:
  1. Navigate to [Site_Root].
  2. Open Cartella.config in a text editor.
  3. Find the <AssetSettings> section of Cartella.config, which contains a block of variables specifying the file formats that can be uploaded.
        <!-- Specify the extensions of files allowed for images. -->
        <add name="AllowedImageFormats" value="*.jpg;*.png;*.gif" />
        <!-- Specify the extensions of files allowed for docs. '*.*' allows all document extensions. -->
        <add name="AllowedDocumentFormats" value="*.*" />
    Note: File types are broken down into images and documents.
  4. Following the syntax patterns in the @value field of <add>, add or remove file extensions as needed.

    The following code indicates that JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG image files can be uploaded to Cartella: <add name="AllowedImageFormats" value="*.jpg;*.png;*.gif;*.svg" /> .

  5. Save Cartella.config.

Next Steps: Recycle the Cartella site application pool in IIS in order for your changes to take effect, immediately.