Configuring Entities

How to Configure Entities | Modify the default settings for Cartella entities.

In Cartella, content objects are called entities. There are various kinds of entities, which include folios, modules, galleries, images, documents, forum topics, and blog posts.

You can modify the default settings for Cartella entities. These settings affect basic behaviors in a Cartella instance. For example, you can configure a folio so that entities created under it will be approved, automatically. Entity settings are contained in a series of attributes within a given entity element. These attributes take true/false values, except for @ratingType, which takes either a average or cumulative value.

To configure entities:
  1. Navigate to [Site_Root].
  2. Open Cartella.config in a text editor.
  3. Find the <EntityTypeSettings> section of Cartella.config, containing a set of <add> tags.
  4. Refer to the @name value (e.g., Folio, FolioModule, Gallery) of each <add> to locate the appropriate set of entity attributes.
  5. Configure any of the following settings on entities:
    Entity Description
    @permissionable When true, permissions can be set on the entity.
    @canOwnGroups When true, groups specific to the entity can be created. By default, this attribute is only true for the folio entity.
    @categorizable When true, the entity can be assigned categories through the categories UI on the edit form.
    @customShareLevel When true, custom share levels are enabled. When false, the share level UI is unavailable on the edit form, and the entity gets its sharelevel from @DefaultEntityShareLevelID.
    @readOnlyByDefault When true, all instances of the entity are read-only.
    @isLockedByDefault When true, all instances of the entity are locked (uneditable)' after the entity is created.
    @autoApproveByDefault When true, any Cartella user can create this entity and have it be visible without a moderator's approval.
    @useHtmlComments When true, HTML formatting is allowed in comments on the entity.
    @commentingAvailable When true, users can leave comments on the entity.
    @canRate When true, users can assign a rating to the entity.
    @ratingType When set to average, the entity uses a five-star rating scale. When set to cumulative, it uses a thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating scale.

    Here's a folio entity example from the <EntityTypeSettings> section of Cartella.config:

    <add name="Folio" permissionable="true" canOwnGroups="true" categorizable="true" customShareLevel="true" readOnlyByDefault="false" isLockedByDefault="false" autoApproveByDefault="false" useHtmlComments="false" commentingAvailable="true" canRate="false" ratingType="average" />
  6. Save Cartella.config.