Configuring SMTP Settings

How to Configure SMTP | Configure SMTP server settings for notification email.

SMTP email credentials are configured in the Web.config.

Note: It's also possible to configure SMTP settings through the Cartella application itself by navigating to Settings > Configuration Management > Email. See Email Management.
To set SMTP for your Cartella site:
  1. Open the Web.config file in an editor.
  2. Depending on your Web.config setup, complete one of the following steps:
    • If Web.config does not already have an <smtp> codeblock that contains <network>:
      1. In <configuration>, add the following nested elements to Web.config:
      2. In <mailSettings>, add <smtp> using the example <smtp> codeblock below.
      3. Navigate to the new <network> element.
    • If Web.config has an <smtp> codeblock that contains <network>, navigate to Configuration/
    <smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="Cartella Notices&lt;;">
        <network defaultCredentials="false" host="" userName="smtpUserName" password="smtpUserNamePassword" port="25" />
  3. Set the value of @defaultCredentials to either true or false.
    • true indicates that Windows credentials are used.
    • false indicates that Cartella uses @userName and @password attribute values of the <network> node as credentials.
  4. Provide the rest of the <network> values for your organization.
  5. Save Web.config.