Deleting Submissions

How to Delete Folio Submissions | Delete or reject unapproved content submissions.

Prerequisites: Users require moderator+ permissions in the folio to complete this task.

Clicking Delete permanently deletes the content item from the Inbox.

Warning: Deleted items cannot be recovered in the Deleted content items view. Cartella immediately deletes the item from the database.

To delete an unapproved submission:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to [name-of-folio] > Manage > Inbox.
  3. Click Delete in the content item's row.

    Fastpath: Site administrators, folio administrators, and the item creator can directly delete the submission on the content item's view.

    A dialog displays to confirm the content item's deletion.
  4. Click OK.
    Cartella permanently deletes the submission.