Creating Synchronizers

How to Create Synchronizers | Use the User Group Configuration Tool to create custom synchronizers.

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to complete this task.

Use the User Group Configuration Tool view to integrate Sales Force, LDAP, or ADFS synchronizers for other user application stores. Configuring an Active Directory synchronizer imports membership data used to populate groups in Cartella. All of the contacts for a given company are converted to Cartella users and associated with the appropriate customer group.

Note: Choose whether or not to configure the synchronizer in the Cartella user interface or in Cartella.config. See Advanced Setup: Syncing to Custom User Store to configure the synchronizer via Cartella.config.

To create a synchronizer:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Configuration Management > User Group Sync.
  3. Click Create New Syncher to create a synchronizer.

    LDAP Synchronization

  4. Enter the name in the User Group Synch Name field.

    LDAP Synchronization

  5. Select one of the authenticators or synchronizers from the drop-down list:
    List Item Description
    Sales Force Authenticator Authentication for Salesforce.
    Important: If you select this option, navigate to Syncing to Salesforce for details.
    LDAP Authenticator Authentication for LDAP.
    Important: If you select this option, navigate to Syncing LDAP for details.
    ADFS Syncher Authentication for custom user stores.
  6. Clear or select the Add Seat on Creation checkbox in the Connection Info section.
    Note: Selecting this option adds created users to the Cartella seat count.
  7. If you select ADFS Syncher from the drop-down list, enter the following fields in the Group Mapping Info section:
    Note: If you selected Sales Force Authenticator or LDAP Authenticator, view the Description notes in the table above to proceed.
    Field Description
    Name Key Name key.
    Group Format String Group format string.
  8. Enter the following fields in the User Mapping Info section:
    Field Description
    External ID Key ID of the external key.
    Login Name Key Email for the login name key.
    Login Name Format String Format string for the login name.
    First Name Key First name.
    Last Name Key Last name.
    Email Key Email for Salesforce.
    Phone Key Phone number.
    Company Key Company.
  9. Optional: Click Add Field in the User Mapping Info section to enter additional values for:
    Field Description
    Store Key Key for store.
    Cartella Key Key for Cartella.
    Note: Add additional fields as needed.
    Note: Click Remove to remove the added fields.
  10. Click Save Changes.
    Cartella saves and syncs the new synchronizer.