Creating Color Themes

Prerequisites: CMS 10.5+ must be installed by a systems administrator. See CMS Statistics to check the site version.

In Ingeniux CMS 10.5+, administrators can create new color schemes to style the CMS user interface.

To create a color theme:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Maintenance > Theme Picker.
  2. Click the Add New Theme button. The New Theme dialog displays.
  3. Enter the theme name and click Create.
  4. The new theme displays directly to the right of the default theme.
  5. Enter hexadecimal values in the color fields.

    Note: Each value corresponds to different objects in the CMS user interface. See Color Theme Reference for details to identify which fields associate with each object.

  6. Select or clear the Draft checkbox. If selected, the CMS prevents administrators from setting the theme as the default and prevents users from selecting the theme for their user interface display via the Edit Your Profile dialog.
  7. Click Save to apply changes.

Note: Click the Download button to download the color theme file to your local system.