Local Exports Configuration

How to Configure Local Exports | Disable or enable local export management on navigations in Ingeniux CMS and processing in the DSS.

Prerequisites: Ingeniux CMS 10.5 must be installed. See CMS Statistics to check the site version.

Local exports, written as XPath expressions, pull linked pages on elements (e.g., link elements) into linking pages. If administrators disable local exports on navigations, then the system prevents users from setting or accessing local exports within the Ingeniux CMS or associated DSS site instances.

To configure local exports for the CMS and DSS:

  1. Navigate to Administration > System Options > CMS> Publishing > Local Exports Configuration.

    Local Exports Configuration

  2. Select or clear the Disable Local Exports in the CMS and DSS checkbox.

    Note: This option is selected by default for new CMS sites. If your site requires local exports, we recommend enabling this option after upgrade.

  3. Click Save.