Adding Assets to Workflow

How to Add Assets to Workflow | Add assets to workflow to initiate the workflow process and assign groups or users to the assets.

Like pages, assets can be added to workflow. You may want to design new workflows for your assets or use your existing workflows. Assets do need to be checked in and marked for publish in order display on your live website, so if you have a policy of workflow for pages, you will most likely need to implement the same for assets.

To add an asset to workflow:

  1. Navigate to Assets.
  2. In the Assets Tree, click the asset that you want to add to workflow.
  3. Ensure that the Overview tab is open.
  4. Click the Add to Workflow button.

    Select Workflow

    — Or —

    Right click on selected assets in the Assets Tree and select Add to Workflow.

    The Select Workflow dialog box displays.

  5. Select one of the workflow definitions in the list.
    Note: An administrator must create workflows before they display in the Select Workflow dialog.
  6. Click OK. The asset has now been added to the selected workflow.

Note: Using the Add to Workflow button on the Overview tab adds only the single asset, while using the right click method adds all selected assets at once. All selected assets should be out of workflow for this to work properly.