Creating Asset Folders

How to Create Asset Folders | Create folders to contain and perform batch operations on assets.

Prerequisites: Users must have permissions to manipulate assets and access the Assets Tree. See Creating Groups for details.

To upload assets, the assets require containing folders. You can use asset folders to run batch CMS operations on and organize descendant assets.

Important: Do not include the following characters in folder, page, component, or asset names: commas (,), forward slashes (/), backslashes (\), question marks (?), exclamation marks (!), at symbols (@), pound signs (#), dollar signs ($), percent signs (%), carets (^), ampersands (&), asterisks (*), semicolons (;), single quotation marks ('), and double quotation marks ("). Even though Ingeniux CMS 10.3.x and below allow users to save these characters in content item names, they are not to be included. In subsequent releases, users will be unable to save these characters in content item names.

To create a new assets folder:

  1. Navigate to Assets.
  2. Select either the root node or the folder in the Assets Tree that will contain the new folder.
  3. Click the Create New Folder button.

    New Folder

    The Create a new Asset Folder dialog box displays.
  4. Enter the name of the new folder in the Folder name field.

    New Folder Dialog

  5. Optional: Add the allowed file extensions in the Allowed Extensions field.

    Additional Info:

    Note: Use the pipe symbol (|) to separate extension types. Do not include periods (.) or asterisks (*) in the Allowed Extensions field.

    Users can only upload assets of the allowed file type to the asset folder. You can modify allowed file extensions in the Properties > Extensions tab. See Setting Asset Properties for details.

  6. Click the Create Asset Folder button. The new folder displays in the Assets Folder tab.

    New Assets Folder with Assets

    Version Note: CMS 10.2+
    As of Ingeniux CMS 10.2+, asset folder details include File Size.

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