Configuring InSite Search

Prerequisites: Before editing the ISS configuration files, be sure to update to the latest search components for InSite Search via NuGet.

Search.config is the configuration file at the core of InSite Search. It defines the location of main content index files, which outputs to a single location on disk. All types of search in ISS require that you configure Search.config (hub) and its associated source configuration files relevant to your search requirements. These configuration files control where and how index files are created.

There are two types of indexes for InSite Search:

  • Main Content Index

    Search.config defines the location of main content index files, which outputs to a single location on disk. Ingeniux Search, Search Navigation, and SiteCrawler query the main content index.

    Note: By installing iFilters, you can search binary documents such as Microsoft Word documents. The indexing files for these binary documents reside within the main content index.

  • Independent Indexes

    In Search.config you can define independent indexes, which are in a separate location than the main content index. With independent indexes, you can split each search to different locations on disk. Keymatch, Analytics, and Spellcheck query their respective indexes.

See Index Library Configurations for details and examples about InSite Search configuration files.

Note: If an administrator runs an incremental publish containing unmarked pages, then these unmarked pages are removed from the targeted site and from the InSite Search index. Consequently, these unmarked pages will not be included in any search results. Prior to release 2.4.x, administrators had to run a full publish to remove content from a DSS. With InSite Search 2.4.x and above, full publishes are required only if an administrator wants to remove published files from replication targets.

This section inludes: