Configuring Spellchecker Queries

To set up an independent index for Spellchecker queries:

  1. Configure the Search.config file within [Drive]:\[path to DSS root directory]:
    • Provide a unique name as the value of the name attribute on the add element. This name is for identification and can be arbitrary.
    • Enter Ingeniux.Search.SpellCheckerSearchDocumentSource as the value of type on the add element.
    • Provide a path to SpellcheckerSource.config as the value of the settingsFile attribute value on the add element. You can use a relative path to the default Suggest Search configuration file, which had been included during installation.
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <section name="Search"
                type="Ingeniux.Search.Configuration.IndexingConfiguration, Ingeniux.Search"/>
        <Search indexLocation="App_Data\LuceneIndex" indexingEnabled="true" queryMaxClauses="1024">
            <Hiliter startTag="<strong>" endTag="</strong>"/>
                <!--  *** See the installed Search.config file for Settings options. ***  -->
                <add name="SpellCheckDictionary" type="Ingeniux.Search.SpellCheckerSearchDocumentSource"
                    <add name="Profile1">
    					   <add name="CMSPublishedContent" />
    					   <add name="SearchNav" />
  2. Configure the SpellcheckerSource.config file. Refer to Configuring SpellcheckerSource.config for details.