Configuring SpellcheckerSource.config

When configured, Spellchecker suggests alternatives for users who have executed a search. These alternatives are derived from a word list file, from CMS taxonomy categories, and/or from content index terms.

Important: Search.config acts as a hub for all InSite Search configurations and must be edited for each search type before it is operable. (For example, you must add the following Spellchecker library type to Search.configIngeniux.Search.SpellCheckerSearchDocumentSource.) Refer to Configuring Spellchecker Queries for steps to configure Search.config for searches that include spell-checking alternatives.

To configure SpellcheckerSource.config:

  1. Navigate to SpellcheckerSource.config. This source file can reside anywhere, however, it is usually stored in the App_Data folder (e.g., [Drive]:\[path-to-DSS-root-folder]\App_Data\SpellcheckerSource.config).
  2. Open file in text editor, then add the appropriate options.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    		<section name="Search" type="Ingeniux.Search.Configuration.SpellCheckerSourceConfig, Ingeniux.Search" />
    	<Search indexLocation="App_Data\Spellchecker_Index">
    			<add name="IncludeContentIndexTerms" value="true" />
    			<add name="wordDictionary" value="[Drive]:\[path-to-folder-on-dss-server]\[plain-text-file-of-correctly-spelled-words].txt" />
    			<add name="eduTax" value="[Drive]:\[path-to-dss-root-folder]\[pub-folder]\TaxonomyTree.xml" />
  3. Locate the Search tag, then set the following attribute:
    • indexLocation: This is a path to the Spellchecker index files. The default value is App_Data\Spellchecker_Index.
  4. You can enable the Spellcheck dictionary construction using terms from the main index.
    Locate the Settings tag, then set the following attribute:
      • name: IncludeContentIndexTerms
      • value: true (Default is false.)

    Note: This option indexes all terms from the main index for the spellchecking index, thus providing the possibility of spellcheck-assisted searches. Depending on the amount of documents and terms in the main content index, enabling this option may increase indexing time.  Also, after you have configured this option, you must re-index all associated indexes.

  5. Locate the <add> tag within Dictionaries, then set the following attributes:
    • name: Any arbitrary, unique name.
    • value: Path to plain text file of properly spelled words.
  6. Locate the add tag within Taxonomies, then set the following attributes:
    • name: Any arbitrary, unique name.
    • value: Path to TaxonomyTree.xml residing in published folder within DSS folder structure.
  7. When you finish, save SpellcheckerSource.config.