Setting up Main InSite Search Index

To set up the main content index in Search.config for DSS content:

Note: The steps below outline how to configure the main search index. For detailed instructions about setting up its associated configuration files, see:

  1. Open the Search.config file at [Drive]:\[path to DSS root directory] in a text editor:
    • Set the indexingEnabled attribute on the Search element to true.

      Note: By default, App_Data\LuceneIndex is the relative path to the folder that contains the main content index.

    • Provide a unique name as the value of the name attribute on the add element. This name is for identification and can be arbitrary.
    • For the value of type on the add element, enter Ingeniux.Runtime.Search.DssContentSearchSource for Ingeniux Search (and for Search Navigation) queries.

      Note: Queries that run against this library type require that the content published from an Ingeniux CMS be used by an Ingeniux DSS.

    • For the value of settingsFile on the add element, enter an absolute path to SearchSource.config as the value of the settingsFile attribute value on the add element. A basic SearchSource.config file resides in [Drive]:\[path to DSS root folder]\[directory-containing-published-content]\settings.
      <?xml version="1.0"?>
              <section name="Search"
                  type="Ingeniux.Search.Configuration.IndexingConfiguration, Ingeniux.Search"/>
              <Hiliter startTag="<strong>" endTag="</strong>"/>
                  <!--  *** See the installed Search.config file for Settings options. ***  -->
                  <add name="CMSPublishedContent" type="Ingeniux.Runtime.Search.DssContentSearchSource"
                  <add name="SearchNav" type="Ingeniux.Runtime.Search.DssContentSearchSource"
                  <add name="KeyMatch" type="Ingeniux.Search.KeyMatchSearchDocumentSource"
                  <add name="IntranetDirectory" type="Cartella.Search.LdapSearchSourceSource"
                      <add name="Profile1">
      					   <add name="CMSPublishedContent" />
      					   <add name="SearchNav" />
  2. Optional: Configure SearchSource.config if necessary. Strictly speaking, you are not required to edit this file in order for searches to be returned. If you need to add customizations to SearchSource.config, navigate to Administration > InSite Search Configuration, then see configure SearchSource.config from the UI.

    Important: It is not recommended that you edit SearchSource.config by hand. Each publish clears the SearchSource.config file. However, it may be advantageous to view the SearchSource.config file to verify aspects of its configuration. See Viewing SearchSource.config for details.

Note: Searches performed during or prior to index setup return no results. Depending on site size and hardware, it could take a few minutes for the index to complete, but most of the time, it takes less time than that. While the index is building, the same queries could return different results as more data is added to the index.

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