Search Suggest

This DEX component is used for searching against an independent Search Suggest index.

Schema Elements

Note: If a text field requires multiple values, comma delimit the items.

Schema Element Description
Expand Global Variables Boolean.
Result Size Integer. The number of matches returned.
Search Result Order Options:
  • AnalyticsFirst: Tracks user activity (Datamining example: Users search for some term, repeatedly, which has no indexed content. After analyzing data associated with this behavior, we can add content to link to the search term.) If you select this option, correctly spelled alternatives to the search term have priority within the search results.
  • SpellchecksFirst: If you select this option, analytics data has priority within the search results.
Analytics Result Order (Stackable) Prioritizes search results according to the following options:
  • ByResultCount
  • BySearchCount
  • BySearchTime
Advanced Group Element
   Word Parameter Name Default is word. Sets the query string parameter used to pass query values.