InSite Search Configuration Overview

The vast majority of all InSite Search implementations can be achieved through Dynamic Execute (DEX) Search components, which have been pre-configured and ready to use without further customizations. Treat the following steps as a general overview on how to get DEX searches up and running.

To configure InSite Search (ISS), follow these procedures:

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of InSite Search within NuGet. If not, update InSite Search.
  2. Configure the files that control ISS search indexes that best meet your needs.
  3. Most search pages can be built from DEX Search Components without the need for customizations. Because DEX components produce XML directly, developers only need to write views for them.
  4. [Optional] These supplemental configuration files may be useful when developing an ISS solution. Implement the ISS scenario most appropriate for your organization's needs.
  5. Test queries against the search types that you have set up.
  6. If you encounter issues, consult Troubleshooting ISS.