DEX Test Prerequisites

Verify that you have completed the following tasks before testing your DEX search configuration:

  1. Ensure that a staging DSS has been created. (See Installing New DSS Instances.)
  2. Update InSite Search NuGet packages to the latest release. (See Updating ISS.)
  3. In Visual Studio, rebuild your DSS project to include the new DEX packages.
  4. Import the latest schemas into Administrator > Schema Designer > Upload. (Consult the NuGet ReadMe file after the import completes for details.)
  5. Set Search.config and other search-specific configuration files. (See Index Library Type Configurations.)
  6. Create the appropriate DEX search component. (See Creating DEX Search Components.)

    Note: For this test, the DEX - Ingeniux Search - Local component will be used.

  7. In Internet Information Services (IIS), recycle the DSS application pool.
  8. Delete any main index files in the App_Data\LuceneIndex folder.

    Note: The App_Data\LuceneIndex folder structure is present only after the initial generation of the main search index files.

  9. Run a full publish, which includes the new Ingeniux DEX search component.
  10. In your browser, enter an address to your DSS website (e.g.,

    Note: Any address to the DSS website will trigger the indexing of content and the generation of indexing files in App_Data\LuceneIndex. This process may take a few minutes to complete, so you may receive inaccurate search results in the intervening time.

  11. Verify that indexing files have populated the App_Data\LuceneIndex folder on your DSS server. In particular, check the Date modified values of the index files to ensure that they were created as a result of your last publish.

Next Steps: Once you have all of the prerequisite tasks completed and indexes have populated the App_Data\LuceneIndex folder, you are ready to test DEX.