Updating InSite Search

InSite Search is distributed as a NuGet package, with each CMS release includes a base version of the InSite Search package. You can update your DSS solution to a newer release of InSite Search through the NuGet package manager within Visual Studio.

There are two NuGet packages to update. Keep the Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2 NuGet package up-to-date with latest releases and features/fixes of InSite Search. If you are using DEX Search Component schemas for your site's search implementation, then you'll need to have the corresponding DEX NuGet package (Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2_Dex_Dss2) installed and schemas updated in your CMS to match the version of InSite Search that is being used.

Note: There is one DEX package for each DSS major/minor version. If you install a DEX package that does not correspond to the major/minor version of the DSS, the DEX Search Components will not work properly.

This section includes: