Updating DEX Insite Search Component Schemas

How to Update DEX Components | Update DEX InSite Search component schemas.

To update the DEX InSite Search component schemas:

  1. Open the your DSS project in Visual Studio. The default project file is named Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance.csproj.
  2. In Visual Studio, navigate to Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution.... The NuGet Package Manager opens.
  3. Click the Updates tab of the NuGet Package Manager.
  4. Select Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2_Dex_Dss## package from the left pane of the NuGet Package Manager, with ## corresponding the version of the CMS codebase that you are currently running (10.1, 10.2, etc.)
  5. Select the current project (i.e., Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance) from the Versions list.
  6. Select the latest stable version from the Version drop-down list.
  7. Click Install.
  8. When the installation completes, readme.txt displays. The Readme file contains instructions about how to add the newly installed DEX schemas to your CMS instance:
    1. In your Ingeniux CMS, navigate to Administration > Schema Designer.
    2. Click Upload in the Actions bar.
    3. Select the Overwrite existing schemas check box.
    4. Drag the XML schema files in [Drive]:\[path to DSS root directory]\packages\Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2_Dex_DssX.X\Schemas to the Upload Schemas dialog.
    5. Save the new schema versions to take them out of draft mode.
    6. If you have existing DEX components for search, be sure to sync your components to the latest version of the schema.