Updating InSite Search Packages

How to Update ISS Packages | Install the latest ISS package version.

To update the InSite Search package:

  1. Open your DSS project in Visual Studio. The default project file is named Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance.csproj.
  2. In Visual Studio, navigate to Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution.... The NuGet Package Manager opens.
  3. Click the Updates tab.
  4. Select Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2  from the left pane of the NuGet Package Manager.
  5. Select the current project (i.e., Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance) from the Versions list.
  6. Select the latest stable version from the Version drop-down list.
  7. Click Install.
Version Notes: ISS 2.11+ and AutoMapper Dependencies
Previously, InSite Search 2.10 and below contained a hard dependency on the AutoMapper v4.2.1 NuGet package, which in some cases would conflict with implementations that included a later version of AutoMapper. As of InSite Search 2.11, AutoMapper nuget package is no longer necessary.
Version Notes: CMS 10.1 and ISS 2.10

Search Source for CMS Content

The release of CMS 10.1 introduced a change to the Dynamic Site Server's RTAPI to facilitate future upgrades via NuGet package. Customers upgrading DSS projects with a configured InSite Search implementation to the CMS 10.1 code base will need to upgrade to InSite Search 2.10 and will need to update Search.config file so that the type is updated to Ingeniux.Runtime.Search.DssContentSearchSource for any DSS Content Indexing Source.

Important: This change in search source type will only affect customers upgrading to CMS 10.1 and will implement InSite Search 2.10 in their project. This information is not intended for customers who use CMS 9.x, CMS 10.0, or CMS 10.2+. We recommend customers upgrade to the InSite Search 2.11 release to bypass this required change in search source type fournd in InSite Search 2.10.

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