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Role Permissions vs. User Settings Permissions

What are role permissions and user settings permissions, and how do they work together? Roles Roles contain permissions that control which operations users can execute at an entity level. Each...

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on May 11, 2021     0 Comments

What is a Folio vs. Sub-Folio vs. Module?

You may wonder what the differences are between folios, sub-folios, and modules. Recognizing the purpose of each entity helps to build effective content hierarchies. You can create structure by...

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on May 4, 2021     0 Comments

Customizing Cartella

Once configured, Cartella is fully operational; however, your organization can customize its default presentation or functionality. If your “look and feel” requirements are minimal,...

Sean Healy | Ingeniux

on April 27, 2021     0 Comments

Using the Cartella Galleries Module

Unlike Ingeniux CMS, Ingeniux Cartella stores images in Galleries modules rather than an assets tree. Folios, sub-folios, and user profiles can contain Galleries modules. You can access the modules...

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on April 19, 2021     0 Comments

Renewing Cartella License Key

When your Cartella license has expired and it is time to renew it, you will receive a reminder in the upper-left corner of the Cartella user interface, which lets you know the date of expiration....

Sean Healy | Ingeniux

on April 12, 2021     0 Comments

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