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Building a Section Front

Part One:

Specification for Website Content Section 

In part one of this tutorial series, we demonstrate how to create a specification for a section of a website, focusing on two page types: a section front and a detail page. 

Part Two:

Creation of Schemas

In this tutorial we take the specification document we created in part one and use it as a guide to build out the schemas for the section front and detail page types. 

Part Three:

Implementation of Section Front and Detail Pages

In this tutorial we develope MVC views for the section front and detail page types.

Part Four: 

Implementation of Logic

In this tutorial we add inheritance logic (code that processes content inheritance from ancestor pages) to our section front and detail page types that is specific to the section of the site we're building.

Part Five:

Custom Hooks

In this tutorial we implement custom hooks in the CSAPI that take into account the section inheritance paradigm we explored in part four of this series.

  • Product: CMS
  • Version: CMS 10
  • Release: 10.3
  • User Type: Administrator, Developer
  • Duration: 5 lessons
  • Published: