PublishingSystemManagerServices Methods

Ingeniux CMS Web Services API

The PublishingSystemManagerServices type exposes the following members.


Public methodAddReplicationTarget
Adds a new replication target to specified publishing target
Public methodAdministrativeReplicate
Performs a replication directly on a Publishing Target without publishing.
Public methodCreatePubProfile
Creates a new Publishing Profile
Public methodCreatePubTarget
Creates a new Publishing Target
Public methodDeleteProfiles
Deletes collection of Publishing Profiles
Public methodDeleteTargets
Deletes collection of Publishing Targets
Public methodGetAssignedTargets
Retrieves the list of Publishing Targets that weren were assigned to any Publishing Profiles
Public methodGetAwsRegionEndPoints
Retrieves the list of global region endpoints of Amazon AWS S3 Service.
Public methodGetProfilesPaged
Public methodGetPubProfile
Retrieves information of a single Publishing Profile by its unique Id
Public methodGetPubTarget
Retrieves information of a single Publishing Target by its unique Id
Public methodGetRepTargetTypes
Retrieves the list of Replication Target types. These are supported replication target types by the Ingeniux CMS site.
Public methodGetTargetsPaged
Public methodGetUserAgentsAndSites
Retrieves the collections of User Agents and Sites. User Agents are Sites are branding definitions that get trigger at runntime. User Agents affect branding via User Agent string, Sites affect branding via access URL.
Public methodListPubProfiles
Retrieves the list of Publishing Profiles. Publishing Profiles are collection of Publishing Target that fit certain criteria. The purpose of Publishing Profiles is easy Publishing Targets selection during Publish submission.
Public methodListPubTargets
Retrieves the collection of Publishing Targets and User Groups basic information
Public methodPublish
Performs a Publish on a Publishing Target
Public methodRemoveReplicationTarget
Removes a Repication Target from a Publishing Target
Public methodSavePubProfile
Saves a single Publishing Profile with updated information
Public methodSavePubTarget
Saves a single Publishing Target with updated information
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