PublishingMonitorServices Methods

Ingeniux CMS Web Services API

The PublishingMonitorServices type exposes the following members.


Public methodCancelTask
Cancels the current Publishing Task.
Public methodGetCurrentTasks
Retrieves the on-going Publishing Task and Replication Tasks status, also the pending publishing tasks and recently completed publishes.
Public methodGetPendingPublishes
Retrieves the listing of pending Publishing Tasks
Public methodGetPublishLogDetails
Retrieves the full details of a Publish Log
Public methodGetPublishLogsForPubTarget
Retrieves the collection of Publishing Logs basic information for specific Publishing Target. Each log contains the information of a completed Publishing Task.
Public methodGetReplicationLogDetails
Retrieves the full details of a Replication Log
Public methodGetRepLogsForRepTarget
Retrieves the Replication Logs for specific Replication Target under a Publishing Target
Public methodGetTaskPages
Retrieves the list of Pages to be published in the given on-going or pending Publishing Task
Public methodCode exampleMoveTask
Repositions a Publishing Task to be executed earlier or later
Public methodRemoveTask
Removes a pending Publishing Task. Please note that on-going Publishing Task cannot be removed.
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