PageCreationRulesAdminServicesList Method

Ingeniux CMS Web Services API

Retrieves the list of extended information entries of Page Creation Rules, and collection of Workflow Definition basic information entries.

Namespace:  IngeniuxCMService
Assembly:  IngeniuxCMService (in IngeniuxCMService.dll) Version: 10.3.70

public XHRServiceResponseGeneric<PageCreationRulesListingData> List()

Return Value

Type: XHRServiceResponseGenericPageCreationRulesListingData

The object contains collection of Page Creation Rules and Workflow Definitions


Sample JSON return
    "code": 0,
    "error": null,
    "message": {
        "rules": [{
            "name": "Image",
            "id": "PageCreationRules\/1",
            "englishName": null,
            "groupsCount": 2,
            "isDefault": false,
            "workflowEnglishName": null,
            "workflowName": "",
            "autoSelectParent": true,
            "isSchemaComponent": true,
            "parentsCount": 1,
            "schema": "Image File",
            "schemaEnglishName": "Image File",
            "stylesheet": "~default~",
            "usersCount": 0,
            "workflowId": ""
        "workflowChoices": [{
            "name": "--No Workflow--",
            "id": "",
            "allowedGroup": null,
            "allowedUsers": null

The returned workflow definition information are choices to use create deciding whether to have Pages created via a Page Creation Rule to be put into a Workflow.
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