PageCommandsServices Methods

Ingeniux CMS Web Services API

The PageCommandsServices type exposes the following members.


Public methodAddCloneMap
Adds a new Lingual Map between 2 pages.
Public methodAddToWorkflow
Adds the given Pages to Workflow, with specified Workflow Definition.
Public methodAdvance
Advances a Page in Workflow via specified transition.
Public methodAssign
Assigns a list of Pages to specified User or Group
Public methodCheckIn
Checks in specified Pages, which publish-marking information
Public methodCheckOut
Checks out a list of Pages to current user
Public methodClaim
Assigns a Page that is currently assigned to a User Group that current User belongs to.
Public methodDelete
Deletes a list of Pages
Public methodGetAllSchemas
Retrieves a list of simplified inform entries on all Schemas of the site
Public methodGetContentItemAllowed
Public methodGetContentItemDescendantCount
Retrieves the count of descendants of a particular page or asset folder
Public methodGetContentItemUsageReport
Retrieves all references to other content items, of given content item
Public methodGetContentItemUsageSummary
Retrieves count of internal references of specific page
Public methodGetEmbedDummyData
Retrieves dummy Page data based on given Schema. This operation is used to find out what the Page created from a Schema be like, without creating an actual Page.
Public methodCode exampleGetFullLingualMaps
Retrieves the complete lingual map information for the specified page
Public methodCode exampleGetGlobalVariables
Retrieves the collection of names of Global Variables. Divided to Static variables and Dynamic variables
Public methodGetPageData
Retrieves a Page's detailed data.
Public methodGetPageTranslationData
Retrieves a clone Page's page data together with the page data of its master Page.
Public methodGetPageVersion
Retrieves the content of a Page's specific version, also specifies whether to produce diffing results.
Public methodGetVersionHistory
Retrieve the list of version summary information the given Page has
Public methodGetVersionHistoryPaged
Public methodMassAdvance
Advances multiple Pages that are at the Workstates that have the specified transition available.
Public methodQuickSearchContentItems
Searches for pages, assets, asset folders by the initial characters in their names
Public methodQuickSearchPage
Searches Pages by the initial characters in their names
Public methodRemoveCloneMap
Removes a Lingual Map which has the Clone Page's Id matching given clone Id.
Public methodRemoveFromWorkflow
Removes Pages from their current Workflow
Public methodRename
Renames a Page
Public methodRevertSchema

Reverts the page to its original creation schema. Only applies to pages with presentation that are origin pages of their schemas.

Public methodRollback
Rolls back the Page to its previous version. After rolling back, Page will keep it current version number, but its content was changed to the previous version's content; and it will be in checked in state.
Public methodSave
Saves a Page with updated content.
Public methodSaveNewSchemaFromPage

Creates a new Schema based on given Page's content, only applies to Page's with presentations. If Page has no presentations, returns error status.

There are 2 Schemas with the same Root name allowed, one with Presentation, one without. Once this operation is carried out once on a Schema, it cannot be called again on the Pages with the new schema.

After the new Schema is saved, the Page used to create this Schema will be used the new schema instead of its previous one. All other Pages using the previous schema will not be affected.

Public methodSavePartial
Selectively update specific elements and/or attribute on a page
Public methodSendMail
Sends an email out, using the Ingeniux CMS site mail settings. The email message will be plain text.
Public methodCode exampleSerializeOnCheckIn
Sets the SerializeOnCheckIn property on the page. It will generate an xID.xml file in the v9 xml root on check in.
Public methodUndoCheckout
Abandons all changes made in the Check out version of Page, change Page state back to Checked in.
Public methodUpdatePageSchema
Updates the Schema of the Page based on current Page content, only applies to Page's with presentations. If Page has no presentations, returns error status.
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