WorkflowServices Class

Ingeniux CMS Web Services API

Provides the functionality to manage the Ingeniux CMS workflow system,
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Namespace:  IngeniuxCMService
Assembly:  IngeniuxCMService (in IngeniuxCMService.dll) Version: 10.3.70

[ServiceBehaviorAttribute(IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults = true)]
[AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsAttribute(RequirementsMode = AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Allowed)]
public class WorkflowServices : CMSContentServiceBase

The WorkflowServices type exposes the following members.


Public methodWorkflowServices
Initializes a new instance of the WorkflowServices class

Public methodCreateWorkstate
Creates a new Workstate. Workstates are stages within a workflow. A Workstate is available to every Workflow Definition.
Public methodDeleteWorkflowDefinition
Deletes a Workflow Definition
Public methodDeleteWorkstate
Deletes a collection of Workstates. Opertaion will not stop when encount errors on individual Workstate deletion. Instead of the problematic Workstate Ids and the actual errors will be records and returned
Public methodFixWorldviewWorkflows
Fixes the Worldview Workflows, create the necessary Workstates and Workflow Definitions.
Public methodGetContentItemAdvanceInfo
Retrieves workflow advancement information of specific page or asset
Public methodGetGlobalWorkflowData
Retrieves the items in Ingeniux CMS Workflow system.
Public methodGetTransitionList
Retrieves the list of Transitions that are available to all of the Pages specified. Any Pages specified, but not in Workflow, are ignored.
Public methodGetWorkflowData
Retrieves the detailed information of a Workflow Definition.
Public methodGetWorkflowReports
Retrieves a list of Pages that are in Workflow, and their current state
Public methodGetWorldviewWorkflowStatus
Retrieves the status information on the Workflows for Worldview system. These are the Workflows to facilitate localization processes
Public methodSetWorkflowData
Updates a Workflow Definition with new data
Public methodUpdateWorkstate
Updates an existing Workstate with new data
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