SystemOptionsServicesGetGroupsForToolbarSettings Method

Ingeniux CMS Web Services API

Retrieves complete list of User Groups for Toolbar settings. Each Group item indicates if override profiles exists for this Group.

Namespace:  IngeniuxCMService
Assembly:  IngeniuxCMService (in IngeniuxCMService.dll) Version: 10.3.70

public XHRServiceResponseGeneric<UserGroupsForSetting> GetGroupsForToolbarSettings()

Return Value

Type: XHRServiceResponseGenericUserGroupsForSetting

List of User Groups. Each item contains also User Rights compond numbers and whether there is a override profile for this Group in the "_checked" property.


Sample JSON return
    "code": 0,
    "error": null,
    "message": {
        "groups": [{
            "name": "Administrators",
            "id": "UserGroup\/1",
            "_checked": false,
            "active": true,
            "groupId": "UserGroup\/1",
            "userRights": [32, 0]
        }, {
            "name": "Authors",
            "id": "UserGroups\/1",
            "_checked": true,
            "active": false,
            "groupId": "UserGroups\/1",
            "userRights": [1355393, 511]
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