MobileDeviceServices Methods

Ingeniux CMS Web Services API

The MobileDeviceServices type exposes the following members.


Public methodCreateDeviceBundle
Creates a new Device Bundle. Will throw error if another Device Bundle with the same name already exists.
Public methodDeleteDeviceBundle
Deletes a Device Bundle that matches the given Bundle name. Will return error state if Bundle doesn't exist.
Public methodGetDevicesInformation
Retrieves the list of Mobile Devices emulation entries and status
Public methodSetEnabled
Toggles the Mobile Devices Emulation on or off.
Public methodUpdateDeviceBundle
Updates an existing Device Bundle information, including Bundle name, Devices coverred, and representative Device. Will return error state if Bundle doesn't exist.
Public methodUpdateGenericDevice
Updates Generic Device information. Generic Device is the fall back emulation for all mobile devices that can be detected as mobile, but cannot obtain the resolution information. Setting up the resolution for Generic Device will allow testing of Preview on these unknown mobile devices.
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