SearchSource.config Configuration

The configuration file SearchSource.config informs InSite Search (ISS) as to what is searchable in the DSS. Do not customize the SearchSource.config file directly, as each publish operation rewrites this file on disk.

Administrators should apply search customizations via the CMS Search Configuration UI, which safely populates SearchSource.config.

Viewing and Editing SearchSource.config

You can view your SearchSource.config file in the Settings folder of your publishing target (e.g., [Drive]:\[path-to-DSS-root-directory]\[path-to-published-content-directory]\settings\SearchSource.config).

Strictly speaking, you are not required to edit this file in order for searches to return. Keep in mind that you must indicate the locations of all indexing sources within the Search.config file, including the settings file, SearchSource.config. The Search.config file identifies SearchSource.config by its library type (i.e., Ingeniux.Runtime.DssContentSearchSource).

See Configuring Search.config for details about how to set indexing sources in Search.config.

If you need to add customizations to SearchSource.config , navigate to Administration > InSite Search Configuration to import or export file configurations.
We don't recommend editing SearchSource.config by hand. Each publish clears the SearchSource.config file. However, it may be advantageous to view the SearchSource.config file to verify aspects of its configuration.