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Ingeniux Training Courses

Ingeniux training courses equip users at every level with the knowledge and resources needed to be successful in the platform. Browse course offerings below.

Training Courses

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Training Course

Ingeniux CMS Fundamentals

Attain the basic skills and knowledge for working in Ingeniux CMS.

Training Course

Ingeniux CMS Administration & Configuration

Build upon basic knowledge of the CMS to explore administrative tools and begin thinking about configuring your own website.

Training Course

Ingeniux CMS Implementation Preparation

This course teaches data architects best practices for preparing for an Ingeniux software implementation in a structured content management environment.

Training Course

Ingeniux CMS Development & Implementation

Learn the skills needed for developing new pages and components in Ingeniux CMS and become familiar with the ASP.NET framework.

Training Course

Ingeniux CMS Development Workshop

Apply what you learned in Development and Implementation to your own implementation.

Training Course

Ingeniux CMS API

Become familiar with the Ingeniux CMS API and the Ingeniux REST API.

Training Course

Ingeniux CMS End-User Training

This course teaches end-users working in Ingeniux CMS how to use the software to achieve their daily tasks and strategic goals.