Dynamic Execute (DEX) Components

System administrators can achieve the vast majority of all InSite Search (ISS) implementations with Dynamic Execute (DEX) Search components, which are preconfigured and ready to use without further customization. Treat this section as a general overview to set up and run DEX searches.

DEX search components include:

Ingeniux Search
Among the DEX components, Ingeniux Search serves as the most common search implementation. Use the component to return results against a local search index for DSS content. The configuration file Search.config acts as a hub, which references ancillary configuration files. For Ingeniux Search, Search.config references SearchSource.config.
Search Navigation
Use the component to return results from index files based on category (i.e., taxonomy) or type (i.e., schema).
Keymatch Search
Use the Keymatch component to determine which terms display at the top of the results lists regardless of boost value, etc. Search.config references KeymatchSource.config.
Search Suggest
Use this DEX component to search against an independent Search Suggest index. This DEX search component offers spell-check options to users.