Migrating Synonym Configuration

As of the release of InSite Search 2.11.x, synonym configuration no longer takes place in Search.config. Instead, the synonym-related tag set has been relocated to Config\Synonyms.xml. This move provides users who have limited read/write access to their DSS the ability to edit synonyms without the need for increased permissions. Also, it eliminates the need to recycle the application in order to pick up synonym changes.

Keep the following in mind when upgrading to ISS 2.11+ and working with synonyms:

  • If you are upgrading to InSite Search 2.11 and above, and there are no synonym entries in Search.config, then the upgrade process creates an "empty" file, Search.config, in the Config folder. The Config\Synonyms.xml file is not written to disk until after the first search against your DSS website.
  • If your Search.config contains synonyms in the previous format, and you are upgrading to ISS 2.11:
    • The upgrade process handles the creation of Synonyms.xml and its reformatting. The new Synonyms.xml file is written to the Config folder when you first load the application after the upgrade.
    • The automatic migration process from Search.config only occurs if Search.config does not exist prior to the upgrade.