DEX Search Prerequisites

Before configuring any InSite Search (ISS) dynamic execute (DEX) search components, complete the following steps to ensure your CMS has publishing targets, published pages to search across, and an associated DSS instance in place.
The following prerequisite steps cover general requirements prior to DEX configuration. Requirements may vary depending on your set up.

To configure this search component, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Set up a staging publishing target (see Configuring Publishing Targets for details).
  2. Configure replication for your publishing target ( see Configuring Replication for details).
  3. Create a schema with schema designer (see Creating Schemas for details).
  4. Create the page(s) with text to search across (see Creating Pages for details) .
  5. Publish the page(s) with text:
    1. Check in the page(s) (see Checking in Pages for details).
    2. Mark the page(s) for publish (see Marking Pages for Publish details).
    3. Publish the Pages (see Publishing Pages for details).
  6. Set up DSS to receive CMS content (see Installing CMS 10.0-10.3 DSS for details) .