No Search Results for Binary Documents


No search results return from binary documents after executing a search across binary documents such as MS Word and PDF.


If you ran a search and expected to have hits returned from binary documents and no such results return, verify the following:
  • Ingeniux CMS supports two types of filters that provide a means to query binary documents. One is from Adobe for filtering PDFs; the other is from Microsoft for filtering Microsoft Office documents. Depending upon your needs, ensure that the Adobe Reader iFilter Package and/or the Microsoft Office iFilter package have been installed on the DSS. For more information about how to install these iFilters, see Binary Indexing for details.
  • Ensure that you have marked assets for publish and then have run a full publish.
  • Ensure that an administrator has set the location of the root folder of document assets. For more information about setting the root location of document assets, see Indexing CMS 10.1+ Assets.