Unexpected Text Search Results


If you are able to index but are not getting the results you expect, then Luke, a Lucene index inspector, may be useful in uncovering the issue. Index files created by Lucene are binary, so they cannot be inspected in a text editor. Luke is a GUI tool written in Java that allows you to browse the contents of a Lucene index, examine individual documents, and run queries over the index.

In cases where search results are not returning a specific term that you have specified, you can use Luke to view the field value containing the search term and to see the term vector token that has been created.


To check term vectors:
  1. Install Luke.
    See Luke for installation details.
  2. In Luke's Search tab, select the appropriate xID in the results list. The Documents tab displays with field results.
  3. Right-click a field value of interest in the Value column.
  4. Select Field's Term Vector from the menu.