Removing Maps via DITA MAP Details View

Users can delete DITA maps and their descendant referenced DITA content from the Map Details tab.

If you delete the DITA map from DITA Map Manager, the system moves the map and all dependencies to the Assets Manager Recycle Folder. This action will remove any aliases associated with the content.
To check out/in DITA assets from a DITA map:
  1. Navigate to Administration > DITA > DITA Map Manager view.
    The main view, which contains an aggregate of all DITA maps under the DITA root folder, displays.
  2. Click the radio button to the left of the corresponding DITA map name to access its details.
    The DITA Map Details view displays.
  3. In the DITA Map Details toolbar, select the Remove DITA Map button.
    To save space in the UI, on some devices, the check out/in UI controls display in the hamburger menu .
    The Check out/in DITA Map Collection dialog lists the DITA assets affected by the operation.
  4. Select Proceed with Removal in the confirmation dialog that displays.
    The system moves the DITA map and all content referenced within the map to the Assets Manager Recycle Folder.
    If the current DITA map is referenced by another map, then the system prevents users from deleting the current map and its descendants.