Ingeniux CMS 9.0 Service Release 1


Ingeniux is pleased to announce the availability of Ingeniux CMS 9.0 Service Release 1 (SR1) which includes over 1000 software updates. Ingeniux CMS 9.1 introduces a completely updated ASP.NET 4.5 based architecture that delivers additional scalability & ease of development/integration. Major updates are highlighted below and a complete description of all changes is available in the Ingeniux CMS Version 9.1 Release Notes.

Ingeniux CMS 9.0 Highlights 

  • Site Export pane allows administrators to package and zip all content & site templates/implementation for easy upload to other locations
  • The Apps pane now features a standard and fully integrated CMS 9 compatible Site Migrator tool
  • Expanded Page Builder framework support including custom responsive libraries
  • Page Builder can now configure unique break point wrapping behavior for each presentation which was previously only available per site
  • New support for creating shared component content units with their own presentations
  • Administrators can manage "allowed file types" in new CMS System Options UI
  • Improved performance when many users are performing check-in, checkout, copy, paste, and clone actions simultaneously
  • Increased InSite Search indexing performance
  • Resolved password reset issues for ASP.NET SQL Auth users
  • Resolved ICE editing issue when in heavily nested group structures 
  • Improved preview performance
  • Resolved errors emptying large recycle bin
  • Improved migration of schema help text, asset security settings, and WorldView mult-lingual data from CMS 8 sites
  • Added additional information during CMS upgrade on DSS Preview rebuilding status
  • Improved performance of incremental publishes
  • Improved schema synching performance with 2500 or more items as well as progress feedback


  1. Review the appropriate System Requirements for your current configuration.
  2. Review the Ingeniux CMS 9.1 Release Notes.
  3. Review the Ingeniux CMS 9.x Installation Guide and Ingeniux CMS 9.x Upgrade Guide.
  4. Download Ingeniux CMS 9.x.
  5. Request a license key to evaluate it in your test enviornment.

Additional Information

Please contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or if you have any questions. Ingeniux Support is available to provide your organization with further instructions on how you can implement CMS 9.1 in your environment.

Ingeniux CMS Hosting customers have access to a full User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment of CMS 9.1. Contact support to schedule your CMS 9.1 evaluation at your convenience.