5 Ways to Use Site Migrator in Ingeniux CMS

Product: CMS

Version: All

Published: August 4, 2021

Last updated: 8/5/2021


Site Migrator is an amazing tool that can be used to manage and move content in Ingeniux CMS.

In this article, I’ll explore some of the ways you may want to use Site Migrator in your day-to-day.

Create Content Templates for Reuse

Do you have structures in your implementation’s information architecture that repeat themselves?

Here are some examples of reusable structures:

  • Maybe you often reuse the same structure of pages and sub-pages within folders.
  • Maybe you often create pages with the same specific set of components embedded in them in a certain order.

You can make a package in site migrator of these pages and when you unpack them, they will have all their structure ready to go for the user to fill in the blanks. This can be much faster than manually creating the structure from scratch.

Archive Old Content

If you are deprecating a portion of your site or content, you can use Site Migrator to remove the content from your site, which will not only clean up your site but also may help it run faster. If you package the deprecated content up with Site Migrator prior to removing it, you can easily bring it back later so it’s safe to delete it from the CMS. You can even bring it back with the exact same IDs if they aren’t in the CMS (including the recycle folder).

Make sure to use the Find and Replace tool in the Administration Panel to find any links that pointed to content that was removed.

Move Content from One CMS to Another

Sometimes you might be working on content on a dev server, and you don’t want to lose it. You can package this content using Site Migrator and move the package to your production CMS and unpack it. When you do this, make sure that you have the schemas on dev first, in the same state they were in dev.

You’ll want to make sure you aren’t trying to keep the IDs the same, because content IDs might have gotten used differently in prod while you were working on this content in dev.

Migrate Content Items from One Schema to Another

When you are unpacking content from a package, you choose which schema it will be ported into. Usually this is into the same exact schema using the auto-match feature, however, you can decide to move these items into a different schema by manually matching them. Make sure the new schema has all the fields that you need for your content. Content that can’t match a field, or field types that have disparate content structures might not be able to be migrated into each other. It’s usually best to try one item and see how it works before trying a large batch.

Migrate Taxonomy

Developers often create entire structures of taxonomy on their dev server in order to test new development. Rather than re-creating these structures manually in prod you can apply those categories to one content item in dev, and use Preserve categorization and Package associated categories when you pack that item. When you go to import that item into prod make sure you select Create categories from package and the site migrator will create all of those categories for you in Taxonomy.

What nifty things have you done with Site Migrator? Help us learn from your experience by posting in the comments.


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