About the CMS 8 Dynamic Site Server (DSS) API

Product: CMS

Version: CMS 8, 8.x

Published: April 8, 2014

Last updated: 1/30/2021



Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server API

The new Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server consists of two parts: a .NET runtime library and an ASP.NET MVC sample site. The DSS is an implementation framework backed by ASP.NET and MVC technologies.

The DSS is designed to replace the current Ingeniux Runtime Server while remaining compatible with the current XSLT-based rendering engine. The DSS is also intended to broaden the base of developers who can work on Ingeniux CMS implementations, to improve runtime performance, to provide an integrated preview experience, and to allow In-Context Editing to work correctly with non-XSLT implementations.


The DSS offers the following features:

  1. Simple structured traversing of XML documents

  2. Deferred execution of query statements using LINQ syntax

  3. Strong-typed support for Navigations, Links, and Taxonomy Navigations

  4. Strong-typed support for the CMS taxonomy system at runtime

  5. Out-of-the-box support for the structured URL system introduced in CMS 7.5

  6. Default support for ASP.NET MVC 3 and the new Razor view engine

  7. Leveraging of the MVC 3 output cache and authentication/authorization system

  8. Integrated support for Ingeniux CMS preview and In-Context Editing

  9. Support for the User Agents and Sites model employed by the CMS

  10. Support for all runtime-executed element types: Insert, Component, ComExecute, and Password

  11. Support for all transform options

Additional Information

The full Ingeniux DSS Library may be found in the program install location. By default, that is:

C:\Ingeniux\CMS80\Documentation\Ingeniux DSS Runtime API.chm


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