Create Custom Tabs in the CMS

Product: CMS

Version: CMS 8, 8.x

Published: January 5, 2010

Last updated: 1/30/2021



In modifying the customTabs.xml file, you can display additional tabs that are customizable in the Ingeniux CMS. These tabs can be used to browse internal or external URLs that may be helpful to authors or administrators. The target URLs may be static HTML pages or dynamic pages of any kind, such as ASP. The customTabs.xml file can be found at the following location on the Content Management Server:


You may define as many tab items as you want. Understand that if too many tabs are defined, the tabs will wrap to multiple lines in the Ingeniux CMS. This will not cause any problems, but it may not be aesthetically pleasing.

All custom tabs will be displayed, in order, to the right of the Ingeniux standard tabs.

Some attributes of the <tab> element restrict when the tab will be displayed. If multiple restrictions are set in the tab's attributes, all restrictions must be met in order for the tab to display.

Each element may contain the following attributes:

name [Required]: The text that will be displayed on the tab. This must be unique for each tab.

url [Required]: The link that will be loaded in the Edit Frame of the Ingeniux CMS. Relative URLs are relative to the site's custom directory. Example:
customReportsTab.asp (in the site's custom folder)

icon [Optional]: The icon to be displayed in the tab. If not specified, ingeniux.jpg is used. Images will be displayed to the left of the tab name at 16x16 pixels. Relative image links are relative to the site's custom directory.

appendpageid [Optional]: "true" or "false" (default is "false"). If set to "true", the current page ID in the CMS will be appended to the end of the url. The url parameter will be named "pageid". If the URL given already has query string parameters, then the pageid parameter will be appended with a "&", i.e. "&pageid=x123".

adminonly [Optional]: "true" or "false" (default is "false"). If set to "true", the tab will only be visible for users with administrator permissions.

schemas [Optional]: A delimited list of schema friendly names for which the tab should appear. Be sure you use the Friendly names of the schemas in this list. If not specified, all schemas will display the tab. The delimiter used is a pipe "|".

pages [Optional]: A delimited list of page ids (e.g. "x123|x456") for which the tab should appear. If not specified, all pages will display the tab. The delimiter used is a pipe "|".


The XML data below must be structured in the following manner:







Example:" icon="../../images/tabs/overview16.gif" />


Once changes are made, you must recycle the Application Pool for changes to take effect.

Additional Information

Ingeniux recommends that you make a backup of the customTabs.xml file prior to modifying it.


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