Force Desktop Override on Mobile Pages

Product: CMS

Version: CMS 10, CMS 8, CMS 9

Release: 10.x

Published: July 8, 2013

Last updated: 7/12/2022



It is a common feature in mobile implementations to integrate a link that allows a user to view a mobile page in its full desktop version. In order to remain in a selected view mode when linking to other pages or to switch again to the original view and remain in it, it is easier to pivot the view mode on a cookie rather than managing it in the code.


Setting a cookie to either mobile or desktop mode can be implemented in 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload folder mobile-cookies.js to the prebuilt directory of the site:   .zip file "mobile-cookies.js",
  2. Reference mobile-cookies.js in the head section:  Sample,
  3. Add variable siteType to the site's list of variables:  Variable sample,
  4. Set the link to another view and trigger the cookie:  Link sample.

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