Rebuild igxurlmap.xml

Product: CMS

Version: CMS 8, 8.x

Published: January 5, 2010

Last updated: 1/30/2021



The igxurlmap.xml file keeps track of which structured URL maps to which xID in your site. Every time a new page is created, it is given a new unique xID. This poses a problem when you re-create existing pages with structured URLs. The Ingeniux CMS will parse the igxurlmap.xml and will serve up the first match that it comes across. In most cases, the re-created page will appear at the bottom of the igxurlmap.xml file and  the previously existing page will be served up instead of the re-created page. By rebuilding the igxurlmap.xml file, all structured URLs will be remapped to their proper xID.

NOTE: This should never be done if you are using CMS V7.5.



  1. File access to the \xml directory with permission to delete files from the Design-Time Server
  2. Ability to perform a full site publish


  1. Navigate to \xml\settings
  2. Manually delete igxurlmap.xml
  3. Perform a full site publish

Additional Information

NOTE: This should never be done if you are using CMS V7.5.

Once the full site publish has completed and PeerSync has replicated all files, all structured URLs should map to the re-created pages.

The latest versions of Ingeniux CMS v6.0 will not require you to rebuild your dependency graphs when renaming a page.  The igxurlmap.xml is automatically updated on the design time site and the Run-Time site will be updated once the file has been published and replicated to the site folder.


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