Upgrade to Cartella 4.0

Product: Cartella

Version: Cartella 3, 3, Cartella 4, 4

Published: September 11, 2013

Last updated: 1/30/2021



This article provides an overview of how to upgrade a Cartella instance from version 3.0 to version 4.0 in the following configurations:

  • An out-of-the-box Cartella instance.
  • A customized ("skinned") Cartella instance.
  • A standalone site that accesses the Cartella API.


There are many breaking changes in 4.0, and the steps required to perform an upgrade depend on how your instance of Cartella 3.0 was implemented. There are two necessary steps in all upgrades: running a script to update the database and deploying new DLLs.


To Upgrade an Out-of-the-Box Cartella Instance

Upgrading an out-of-the-box Cartella instance is the simplest upgrade to perform.

  1. Run the instance installer and create a new site.
  2. Update the database. If necessary, contact Ingeniux Support for the appropriate script.
  3. Modify the connection strings in the site's Web.config file. (For more information on this step, see page 14 of the Cartella 4.0 Installation Guide.)

Upgrading a Customized Cartella Instance

This is potentially the most complicated upgrade to perform. The process is similar to the out-of-the-box Cartella, but additional steps are required. However, if the re-skinned Cartella you want to upgrade was made using best practices, the upgrade should be fairly straightforward.

  1. Run the instance installer and create a new site.
  2. Update the database.
  3. Modify the connection strings.
  4. Copy code from the Cartella 3.0 site and update appropriately. This step occurs in two parts:
    1. Copy code from the following locations:
      • Any custom classes in App_code
      • All custom resource files from App_GlobalResources
      • Views from the <siteroot>/Views/Custom directory
    2. Update any code to use appropriate references.
  5. Copy any additional or custom DLLs from the bin directory.

Some of the views in Cartella 4.0 have been restructured. Some of the views you copied from the custom directory may not be needed. You may also need new views.

Upgrading Custom Sites that Access the Cartella API

These are sites that stand alone from the standard Cartella install but use the Cartella API and have Cartella DLLs in their bin directories. They also may pull in CMS data, and they typically use a standard out-of-the-box Cartella instance to help manage objects and users.

  1. Update the database.
  2. Replace all Cartella DLLs.
  3. Update any references to Cartella, updating the code to reflect any changes to the Cartella API. This step may require a new build.

A Special Note about Object Builder

If Objet Builder was used to create new objects or modules, it is recommended that you rebuild those objects with a standard instance of Cartella 4.0. No additional scripts should be needed to run on the databased—the upgrade scripts should handle the necessary changes. However, the code still needs to be updated.


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