Adding Custom Settings

Administrators can apply name/value pairs from the SearchSource.config file to InSite Search Configuration settings in the Administration area Ingeniux CMS.

To add custom search settings:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Search Configuration.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click Custom Settings at the bottom of the Settings tab view to expand the area.
  4. Click the Add Search Settings plus (+) button in the Custom Settings area.

    Custom Settings

  5. Enter a name/value pair in the Name and Value fields. See SearchSource.config Settings for the complete list of name/value pair options.
    By default, the new name/value pair applies to all publishing targets.
  6. Click Select Targets to make your configuration apply to only specific targets.
    The Select Target(s) dialog displays.
  7. Select a target from the list.
  8. Click Select.
    The Select Target(s) dialog closes.
  9. Click Save in the Actions menu to commit your changes.