Importing Search Configuration Files

You may find it necessary to import (upload) a preconfigured SearchSource.config file into the CMS. For example, you may want to apply a similar search configuration from another Ingeniux CMS instance. This import automatically synchronizes any configuration settings from the SearchSource.config file with the InSite Search (ISS) interface.

To import a search configuration file:
  1. Navigate to Administration > InSite Search Configuration.
  2. In the Actions box, click Import.

    InSite Search Config Import Button

  3. Select the publishing target that you want to associate with the configuration file.
  4. Click OK. The Import SearchSource.config dialog displays.

    Import SearchSource.config dialog

  5. Select the SearchSource.config file. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Drop the SearchSource.config file from your system's file Explorer into the dialog.
    • Click the center of the dialog and pick the SearchSource.config file from your system's File Explorer to import.
  6. Click Upload.
    The SearchSource.config file's settings import to the CMS.
  7. Click Save in the Actions menu.