Adding Field Boosts

Field boosts increase how prominently individual fields display when returned in search results. For example, without intervening factors, a field that has a boost value of 1.4 will rank higher than another field with a boost value of 1.2 in the returned results. The boosts apply to elements that match the field name anywhere in the page (e.g., at the page root level, in an embedded component, or in a page presentation).

We recommend setting the boost value within the 1.0-4.0 range or, as higher values tend to introduce additional variances in results, consider setting the boost value within the 1.0-2.0 range. Boosting is also dependent on how often the term occurs in the boosted field.
To add a field boost:
  1. Navigate to Administration > InSite Search Configuration.
    The Fields tab displays.

    Field Boosts

  2. Click the Add Boost plus (+) button in the Field Boosts area.
    A new boost entry displays.

    New Field Boost

  3. Select a schema field from the Field Name drop-down list
  4. Enter a number (we recommend a value between 1.0 and 4.0) in the Boost Value field.
    Higher numbers increase how much a field gets boosted relative to other fields.
  5. Click Select Targets to apply boosts to all or individual targets. Choose the publishing targets from the Select Target(s) dialog and click Select.
    By default, the boost applies to all publishing targets.

    Select Target(s) Dialog

  6. Click Save in the Actions menu.