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Where Can I Find Workflow History Details for Individual Pages?

I want to view workflow history details for an individual page in the Ingeniux CMS Site Tree . Where can I view workflow history reports for individual pages? Users can view Workflow History for a...

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on April 12, 2022     0 Comments

How Do I Change the Preferred URL for Site Pages?

When users click an Ingeniux CMS site page, I want a different URL to display as the canonical URL aside from the default. How do I change the preferred URL for a site page? Users can change the...

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on March 22, 2022     0 Comments

Is the Help Text on fields visible anywhere to users?

I added Help Text to an asset field, but don't see it when editing a page on either Form View or Index View. After I saved the schema, I did sync my test page.

Josiah Johnson | College of St. Benedict-St. John's University (CSB-SJU)

on March 16, 2022     2 Comments

Where Can I Add Custom URL Settings for Site Pages?

I want to add a custom URL to my site page. Where can I manage URL settings for individual site pages in Ingeniux CMS? Users can add one or more custom URLs to a site page by accessing the...

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on March 14, 2022     0 Comments

How Do I Edit File Extension Settings for Asset Folders?

Some asset folders allow users to upload only assets with a particular file extension. How do I edit allowed asset file extensions for folders within the Ingeniux CMS Assets Manager? Users can apply...

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on February 28, 2022     0 Comments

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