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Monitoring the Back-end Raven Database

Website Monitoring tools provide the ability to monitor a specific URL and verify that specific HTML does or does not appear in the response. The Raven Database (RavenDB) provides several HTTP...

Ingeniux Support | Ingeniux

on March 16, 2021     0 Comments

Component Templates

The CMS does not come with any pre-made HTML templates for components to be used in the CMS. This is because each implementation is different (some implementations of Ingeniux CMS do not even...

Shaun Shaffer | Ingeniux

on January 24, 2021     0 Comments

Getting In-Context Editing to work on your site

First, make sure that In-Context Editing (ICE) is turned on in the Administration Panel. You can do this by going to Administration > CMS > System Options > In-Context Editing and check the...

Shaun Shaffer | Ingeniux

on January 4, 2021     0 Comments

How to get a page to show up in two places in the site tree without having the manage the content twice

One of the most powerful capabilities in Ingeniux CMS is content re-use. Content re-use means creating content once and publishing it in multiple areas of your site. When we talk about this, we...

Shaun Shaffer | Ingeniux

on January 4, 2021     0 Comments

Best CMS architecture for development and production environments – and how code and content flow between the two

For the majority of our customers, we suggest setting up your Ingeniux platform architecture by isolating the steps in your development process into individual environments. We recommend setting up...

Shaun Shaffer | Ingeniux

on January 4, 2021     2 Comments

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